By Justin Sweet

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Linarite with Quartz from Arizona

by Dan Weinrich

Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards.

There are those of us who are on a path and take what we do seriously. This is why we get upset when we look into the tag “room” and see foolishness.

Ascended Masters Oracle Cards.


Man, the hoodoo tag is a total mess.

Please say that again! So is the Astrology, Esoteric and occult tags. *sigh* all kinds of hippie bullshit that has nothing to do with the topics.


Replenishing some supplies

Yes! John The Conqueror! I have a floor wash made at the Botanica I go to.


lol great now my debit card says i’m over draft $148 for $200 cash i never received. and that i have to wait until may 3rd for them to fix it. i will kill you and do black magick for your entire family to fucking die for real, seriously and truly. give me my fucking money.



Card of the day: Justice. Karma, reconciliation, accountability, balance, fairness, and equity. Maybe a sign that buried skeletons get dug up, in fact even rise up and point out the assailant.