Thank you for sharing the Lenormand resources. Do you feel an amateur can read this style deck, or is a background in Tarot beneficial?

Anyone can read Lenormand cards. As for prior tarot experience? you don’t read Lenormand like a tarot deck (I can’t stress this enough) tarot is symbolic. Lenormand is word+word+word=?

For example, man+fish+house would be: “A financially stable man” or “A man who earns money at home.” Fish are associated with money/finances and abundance in Lenormand. What kind of fish doesn’t matter or how many. Like I’ve said previously, this is why a lot of tarot readers struggle with Lee or get inaccurate readings because they focus on the imagery.

Do you do private chart readings on tumblr? If so how does that work and how do you accept payment? (Sorry if you've been asked this before)

On my sidebar is info on my astrological readings. I do readings by email. My email is included with the astro-reading info. I’ve been meaning to include a PayPal button on this page. I’m going to do that tomorrow. All of my readings are private. Since you’re on anon, I can’t answer you privately :-(


30 day tarot challenge: #6

I couldn’t decide so I used 3 of them.


I just did my first ever tarot reading where I was 98% confident in what the cards were telling me. I wrote down exactly what came to mind and really only referred to the keywords for each card to check my interpretations.
Having the right deck really does make a difference.

Also had an amazing 1 hour meditation session and I saw my spirit guide again.
And now I feel refreshed and lovely and awesome.

Today is great even though my child is fussy.

Currently adding posts to my queue. I’m taking a little vacation of sorts. I’ll answer all the questions in my inbox as soon as possible.

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For the first time in my life, I’m hoping my hunches/intuition/Dreams are wrong. I just refuse to believe this!


Tarot by BronwynZA on Flickr.

Since we were discussing tarot yesterday..


Black Cat Tarot; Favorite Cards

Let me go write, catch up on charts and then meditate.

Stay real, kittens *hugs*


in the forest by Junsai_Jiro on Flickr.

I’m making the right decision by leaving certain things behind.

Bouquet + Scythe + Bear = A happy conclusion that leads to strength and protection.

The scythe cuts things away pretty quickly and I’m pretty much at the point where I want to move on from a lot of stuff. The bear is a protection card. Very much like a mama bear protecting her cubs. The bear also comes through as power, personal finances, cash flow and the head of a business. I just mentioned how I wanted to focus on my astrology business more and leave all the other distractions behind.