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Tiger’s Eye  (My favorite!)

History And Legend: The stone takes its name from its resemblance to an eye. This appears when the brown inclusions are cut in a certain way, as is the case with cat’s eye and falcon’s eye. For about a hundred years it has been highly sought after and used in jewelry or for therapeutic purposes.

Healing Properties: Tiger’s eye is a particularly effective healing stone for bronchial problems when applied to the navel chakra. For acute bronchitis it is left overnight secured in place with tape. Asthmatics should always carry tiger’s eye. It is also helpful in the case of headaches and migraines. Psychologically, tiger’s eye is effective in lifting depression and promoting concentration.

Magical Properties: The silky-shimmering golden sparkling tiger’s eye is a member of the quartz family. Its cat’s eye effect is caused by horneblende fibers that all crystallize in the same direction. It symbolizes unity and leads to greater self-integration and autonomy.

Chakra Classification: The Tiger’s eye is very effective on the navel chakra and solar plexus.

*Tiger’s eye jewelry should only be worn for a few days because it stems the flow of energy. After being used fro healing purposes it should be discharged under running water and then recharged in sunlight for a few hours.