European Dancehall Queen - Shisha (Official Video) (by rasculturemassive)

2009 Dancehall Queen Shisha: Bad-Dominicana’s post about Black women and twerkin’ got me thinking. I just feel like posting videos celebrating Black women’s bodies and our dance style/culture. Dance is such a powerful medium. From Krumpin’ to Chicago Steppin dance heals. Black folk need more healing, safe dance spaces— in the tradition of Juke Joints and rent parties.

I remember rent parties as a young girl growing up in Harlem. if your neighbor was having some financial difficulty everyone on the building would pull together, throw a party in someone’s apartment and sell plates for $5. Folk would dance and there was so much joy. Most importantly it felt safe.

I love seeing Mizz Twerksum and Shisha do they thang because you get to see the beauty of Black women’s body. The silhouette. Black women are constantly being shamed because of our bodies and how we move them. We’re constantly being told our asses are too big— our thighs too thick…

This post is for all the sistas out there who stay shakin’ what our mommas (and gran’mamas) gave us. Twerk on <3