Nat Turner’s Astrological Chart 

I’m in the process of doing Nat Turner’s chart and his transits during the slave rebellion on August 21st 1831. His natal Vertex (which deals with fated events) was conjunct the rebellions Sun in Leo, as well as his Saturn @ 20 Degrees Leo! His Vertex also opposed the rebellion’s Moon (which was in Aquarius) He was not playing.

“Beginning in February 1831, Turner came to believe that certain atmospheric conditions were to be interpreted as a sign that he should begin preparing for a rebellion against the slave owners.” - wikipedia.

The above quote is astrological in nature. There was a Solar Eclipse on February 11 1831 in Aquarius, Nat saw this as a sign. His Moon was in Aries so he was a warrior (Mars) by nature. He was also experiencing his Mars (action/war) return around the time of the Aquarius Solar Eclipse. There was yet another eclipse on August 13: a Solar Eclipse! Eight days later he began to plan his rebellion. Transiting Pluto (death, transformation, underworld) in Aries was approaching a conjunction to his natal Moon. 

I’m going to look into this tonight. I’m so excited!