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Chiron and Achilles:

In very ancient times, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, was originally a god of healing. In later mythology, as a teacher of heroes and an oracle, he survived as one of the centaurs. These wild creatures, half man and half horse, were not noted either for their sensitivity, or their intelligence and represented mankind’s attachment to the lower animal passions. In modern astrology, he stands for the deep karmic wounds in the subconscious that we have come to this life to heal.

Chiron is currently in Pisces. I think there will be many of us who will be looking to heal wounds, and make peace with certain aspects of our lives. I’m really hoping that the healing process can begin for all of us. There will be a full Lunar Eclipse in truth-seeking Sagittarius tomorrow. Its time for us to take the blinders off and face some cold hard facts about ourselves and others. Take this time to study, educate and realize that its not just about global consciousness, but intergalactic consciousness as well.

Love, and Light